Get To Know Us

Our mission is to establish a lasting, value-based relationship with each client and our select Real Estate, Financial Planner, RIA, Attorney and CPA partners.  This relationship is the direct result of the unique financial planning approach we take in handling our clients’ real estate financing.  Our outstanding customer service, exceptional line of loan programs, competitive rates, and financial and industry expertise allow our clients to strategically and efficiently manage debt and build wealth through real estate.

Our goal is to take such great care of you that you will enthusiastically refer your friends and family to our practice.  Our success has been built by referral, one happy client at a time.

Our primary goal as a company is to serve our clients’ needs with our unique Financial Planning Approach to Real Estate LendingTM  and exceptional arsenal of traditional loan programs.  Our desire is to establish a lasting relationship with each client in order to improve that client’s financial standing while working in tandem with his or her existing trusted advisors.

V.I.P Independent Mortgage, Inc. will always stand out among other companies in the mortgage industry because our approach combines sound advice with profound industry expertise and superlative customer service.  We will always provide a unique “Financial Planning Approach” where each client is honestly advised, highly respected and given access to the best financing options on the market.

We employ only the best and most experienced staff, and our commitment to excellent customer service is matched with our big-picture planning ability and an in-depth knowledge of the industry.  Our team is driven to stay current with the market trends, underwriting changes, niche programs and to secure the most competitive correspondent pricing.  We can give unbiased advice, as our compensation is not driven by product choice.  This ensures that we can position our clients to make the healthiest financing decisions possible.