Financial Professionals

Our primary goal as a lending firm is to serve our clients financing needs complimented by our unique “Financial Planning Approach” to Real Estate lending .  This is a key difference that distinguishes our firm from 99% of other lending institutions and loan officers.  If there is a more strategic and efficient way to finance and structure Real Estate, we will find it.

All too often, debt management is not given its due attention as the industry typically defaults to a transactional mentality.  The reality is that in many cases, the complexities of a client’s situation will go beyond the expertise level of what can be offered by an unlicensed bank loan officer or a call center.  Often times, solid advice and big picture thinking is needed to help clients make a healthy and long term debt management decision.   As a result, in 2007, we trademarked  “A Financial Planning Approach to Real Estate Lending TM .”


1)    Refinance Transactions:  We provide complimentary analysis to help a prospective clients and their advisors to quantify the benefit of a restructuring debt.  If the numbers are not in the best interest of the client, we will highlight this and tell them to stay in their current program.  If there is an advantage to restructuring debt, we will help quantify and illustrate the cash flow and/or net worth improvement with supporting analytics to provide the peace of mind to all parties involved.  As part of this analysis, we will evaluate “no cost”, “no points”, as well as “buy-down” loans to clarify and advise on the best strategy over a relevant time frame.

2)    Purchase Transactions:   In addition to our thorough “no surprises” pre-approval, packaging a client’s profile for most favorable underwriting terms, and experienced based loan program guidance, we will help our clients understand, program rates, associated purchase costs, cash to close needed, opportunity cost, as well as tax deductible equivalent “rent vs. own” cash flow.  Also included are net-worth projections based on a situation “real state net-worth snapshot” for a new purchase over 5 years and 10 years based on conservative long term historical real estate growth and natural loan amortization schedule.  This can be helpful when comparing different purchase prices as well as evaluating the opportunity cost of using current invested assets for down payment.

Core Values: Honesty, Integrity, Experience, Advice.

Over the years, our model has positioned us as a trusted resource for Financial Advisors, Attorneys, and CPA’s to fill the often overlooked “debt management” role on a client’s wealth building team.

We work in conjunction with a client’s advisor team to help evaluate cash flow, appreciation, program and interest expenses, opportunity cost, tax implications, for both short and long term goals.

In addition, we offer complimentary “debt management” annual reviews for all of our clients.  Our model is designed to ensure that purchase financing, refinance loans, and evaluation of overall debt efficiency for our clients compliments and integrates with a broader financial and wealth building plan.